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Emergency Carabiner Survival Kit


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What if we told you you could pack an arsenal of emergency survival gear in a compact, pocket sized, lightweight, carabiner clip, taking up ZERO space in your gear kit, AND hanging comfortable off your backpack or jacket?  Well, now you can!

This deluxe survival kit allows you keep 25 + survival items on hand, on the go, at all times, so you are ready if an unexpected emergency arise.

Small, lightweight and discreet the kit won't take up any room in your bug out bag, but could potentially save your life!


Items included in this kit:

- 1 Cotton
- 1 Whistle
- 2 Bandage
- 1 Tool card
- 1 Alumilum foil
- 1 mini flashlight
- 1 mountaineering buckle
- 1 royal buckle
- 1 compass
- 2 pins
- 2 back needle 
- 1 needle
- 1 Wire Saw
- 2 Alcohol pad
- 1 Knife blade
- 1 Fire starter
- 1 Fishing line 
- 2 Fishing weights 
- 2 Fishing swivels
- 2 Fishing hooks 
- 2 Fishing Floats 
- Mountaineering buckle can be used as Mountaineering or climbing
- Aluminum foil can be use for cooking, signaling, and reflecting heat
- Alcohol Pad for disinfecting or assisting in fast ignition for emergency fires
- Stainless steel blade, to cut as needed
- Fire starter to aid in making a fire
- Paracord rope is 10.5m and can be disassembled as rope (single rope pull is about 200KG) for making traps, building tents, tow rope, tourniquets and more
- Fishing line/Fishing weights/Fishing swivels/Fishing hooks/Fishing Floats for fishing 
- Mini flashlight for lighting
- Small & compact, measuring 4.72*2.76*1.18in, 165g


Designed for everyday carry and to be opened during emergencies for access to a wide array of life-saving supplies. Don't be caught without yours.

Shipping: 7-20 Business Days
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