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Dummy Cord Navigator™ Watch

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There’s a reason why military operatives and survivalists swear by paracord:

It breathes, it’s durable, and it can even be taken apart and used for materials if necessary. This Dummy Cord Navigator™ Watch boasts a compass on the wristband for added ease of navigation, helping ensure you maintain your bearings at all times.  In addition to that, the paracord also has a built-in fire-starter for emergency situations.

Accurate, Reliable Timekeeping

This watch’s precision quartz movement is extremely accurate, allowing you to coordinate with precision if necessary.

A Compass On Your Wrist

You never know when you’ll need to be able to navigate your way out of the wilderness unexpectedly. Having access to a compass and fire-starter right on your wrist gives you the peace of mind to know that you’ll always be oriented and prepared in any situation.


Product Features

  • Wristband made of rugged paracord
  • Integrated Fire-starter in band
  • Ultra-accurate quartz watch movement
  • Magnetic compass attached to wristband
  • Adjustable Sizing

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